Personalized Simplification Plan

Are you motivated to declutter but need some fresh ideas on how to best manage your space?  We'll meet for an hour in your home, review your space needs and constraints, and we'll customize a plan to simplify and  better utilize your rooms.  We'll then give you a written plan with shopping ideas that fit within your budget.  

We can usually cover two mid-size room during this time.  

In-Person Decluttering and Organizing Services

Declutter and reorganize your space.  A small room (bathroom / laundry room / mudroom) can typically be completed in two hours.  Medium-sized spaces (bedrooms, master closets, offices, etc.) can typically be completed within five hours. The actual amount of time varies depending on the amount of items to be sorted and will be estimated during a free phone consultation.  All items to be donated will be removed and donated at the end of our session.  

We can also identify, shop for, and implement storage solutions.

Handywoman Services

Let's finally conquer all of the things you've been meaning to do!  Hang pictures, art, or curtains, create a family command center, minor wall touch-ups, furniture assembly, and other small, handy work tasks.  

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