This post applies to any home category imaginable, but I’ll apply this to a topic near and dear to my little heart, and one that my clients struggle with…baby clothes.

You’ve finally tackled the bin of baby clothes. That ship has sailed, your youngest is four, and you’re mentally ready to move on. First of all, give you self a giant pat on the back, because this is no easy task.

As you’ve sorted through your bins, you’ve had no problem putting the sweat pants, cute little onesies, the sundresses, or burp clothes in the donate pile. But you’re hung up on the super cute boutique dress, or the pajamas that were outgrown long before they were able to show any wear. They’re in GUC (good used condition for those of you not aware of the online lingo). What to do?

Perhaps they’re worth something?

So, instead of forging ahead with your decluttering, you shake out the wrinkles, fold them all up, take a photo, take another photo in better lighting, write up a description, post to your local facebook swap page, and wait. And then because the internet is going to think this is such a steal of a deal, you sit by your phone waiting for the comments to come pouring in.

And sometimes they do. And sometimes they don’t and you spend a ridiculous time checking your phone for a $2 pair of used pajamas.

Assuming you’ve snagged a buyer, there’s a 50% likelihood (in my experience) that they will show up when they say they will. The other 50% of the time, there’s an emotional cost and major frustration when you repeatedly see that item on your front porch, moving the bag back in each night that you’re stood up, only to remind yourself to follow up with the NIL (next in line), who has waited three days and no longer wants the item. Repost and repeat.

All this for $2?!

If you’re serious about changing your life, you have to embrace a sunk cost mentality when decluttering. The item lost all of its monetary value when you purchased it. Sometimes this is hard to do, even for me.

So, what’s my advice?

I tell my clients to set a timeline – if it hasn’t sold in two weeks, donate it! Also, the two week timeline starts immediately, not when you finally get around to posting it. If a week has gone by and you haven’t even taken a photo of it yet? Just let it go! I’m at peace with someone getting a great deal at our local donation center.

Don't get hung up on the little things.

Embrace the transformation you're working so hard for!

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Starting a blog is hard. The Simply Put “coming soon” blog placeholder was meant to last for a week or two. It has now been a solid year since my website launch,

and “coming soon” really no longer applies.

What is holding me back? I value authentic relationships, and I really struggle with putting myself out there for the world to see. I’ve eased into the online world by periodically posting on Instagram and Facebook, all the while having an internal debate about whether that was actually living my best life. Is thinking about my next Instagram post really a valuable use of my time? Does the update Facebook sends me every week about my engagement say anything about me or my business? Do I really want to contribute to (or get sucked into) the social media epidemic? The average person spends nearly two (!!) hours a day using social media. This equates to over five years of your life looking through a screen at other people’s fake lives. This is crazy!

And, in the world of over-sharing, can Simply Put have enough reach to change people’s lives without me exposing my family to the world?

On the other hand, I have so much to share that I think could make the world a better place. Decluttering your home, letting go of the guilt, streamlining your environment, and giving kids the gift of simplicity are things I feel so passionate about. Getting a handle on what really matters translates to a life well lived, and it makes me anxious thinking that there are millions of people wasting the best years of their life managing their stuff.

So, here I am. Blog post #1. This matters too much. Let’s start living our best lives.



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