Hi there!  I’m Brandy, wife, mom of three, civil engineer, lover of good coffee, great conversation, bookstores, genuine friendships, running, and all things outdoors.  I grew up in North Dakota, spent a few great years in Kansas City after college, and our family now calls south Denver home.   


I’m a dreamer, tinkerer, and a simplicity addict.  You’ll regularly find me reading books, blogs, and listening to podcasts about decluttering, organizing, decorating, and implementing simplicity.  (Seriously, who does this for fun?!)


I’m passionate about simplicity because it makes a meaningful, measurable difference in people’s lives.  We’re all trying to find our path on this great life adventure.  Having an organized home helps me think much more clearly about my passions and goals and helps me focus on the people that matter. 


Time is the most valuable thing we have.  Stop using it to manage your stuff.  Let’s simplify your home today.  


Simply Put


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